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AutorTítuloAñoRevistas y SeriesTema general
Bartholomew, Doris ABoletín informativo sobre idiomas indígenas de Latinoamérica1969América IndígenaLinguistics
Townsend, William CameronEl Instituto Lingüístico de Verano1944Boletín IndigenistaManagement, General
Comparison of Pause Boundaries with Grammatical Boundaries in Trique1956Linguistics
Merrifield, William RReview of: Studies in American Indian Languages1973International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Moser, Mary BSeri Elevated Burials1970KivaAnthropology
Cowan, Marion MThe Devils and the Young Boys: A Tzotzil Myth1967TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Pike, Kenneth LMixtec social "credit rating"—The particular versus the universal in one emic world view1986Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaAnthropology
Moser, Mary B. and Stephen A. MarlettTerminología de parentesco seri1989Anales de AntropologíaAnthropology
Law, JoanNahua Affinal Kinship: A Comparative Study1969EthnologyAnthropology
Baer, Mary and Phillip BaerTesting the Fire-God’s Prowess: A Lacandone sacred narrative1959América IndígenaAnthropology
Grimes, Barbara F. and Joseph E. GrimesNotes on Huichol Kinship Terminology1961México AntiguoAnthropology, Linguistics
Larsen, KathrynHuasteco Baby Talk1949México AntiguoLinguistics, Sociolinguistics
Merrifield, William RThe Souls Really Do Come Back: A Chinantec Proof Text for All Saints Day1970TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Wonderly, William LResumen de la sección de lingüística de la quinta reunión de mesa redonda de la Sociedad Mexicana de Antropología1953Revista Mexicana de Estudios AntropológicosLinguistics
Merrifield, William RSierra Popoluca Kinship1963American AnthropologistAnthropology
Butler, Inez M., Katherine Earl, David Nellis, and othersExpressions of the sacred in Zapotecan languages1986NAOS: Notes and Materials for a Linguistic Study of the SacredAnthropology
Jenkins, JoyceSan Gregorio—An Otomi Village of the Highlands of Hidalgo, Méx.1946América IndígenaAnthropology
Moser, EdwardThe Two Brothers Who Went Away Angry: A Seri Legend1963TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Thomas, Mary AnnA Lad Who Doesn’t Like Work: A Huasteca Nahuatl Tale1970TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Grimes, Joseph E. and Thomas B. HintonThe Huichol and Cora1967Anthropology
Moser, Mary BSeri: From Conception through Infancy1970KivaAnthropology
Kirk, Paul LSocial vs. Consanguineal Distance as Reflected by Mazatec Kinship Terminology1966Anthropology
Carrasco, Pedro, Walter S. Miller, and Roberto J. WeitlanerEl calendario mixe1961México AntiguoAnthropology
Casad, Eugene H. and Thomas L. Willett, editorsUto-Aztecan: Structural, Temporal, and Geographic Perspectives: Papers in Memory of Wick R. Miller by the Friends of Uto-Aztecan2000Anthropology, Linguistics
Moser, Mary BSeri Blue1964KivaAnthropology
Cowan, George MLa importancia social y política de la ‘faena’ mazateca1954América IndígenaAnthropology
Wolgemuth, CarlMarriage Customs of our Forefathers: Nahuat Text from Mecayapan, Ver.1971TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Aschmann, Herman PTotonac Categories of Smell1946TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Cowan, George MUna visita a los indígenas amuzgos de México1947Anales del Instituto Nacional de Antropología e HistoriaAnthropology, Linguistics
Moser, EdwardTwo Seri Myths1968TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Felger, Richard S. and Mary B. MoserSeri Indian Pharmacopoeia1974Economic BotanyAnthropology
Brockway, EarlA Lazy Man and the Jug of Gold: A Náhuatl Legend1969TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Grimes, Joseph EHuichol Economics1961América IndígenaAnthropology
Clark, Lawrence EInitiation at School: A Sayula Popoluca Text1969TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Pike, Eunice VHuautla de Jiménez Mazatec1967Linguistics
Grimes, Joseph EHuichol Life Form Classification II: Plants1980Anthropological LinguisticsAnthropology
Waterhouse, Viola GLearning a Second Language First1949International Journal of American LinguisticsAnthropology
Longacre, Robert E. and René MillonProto-Mixtecan and Proto-Amuzgo-Mixtecan Vocabularies: A Preliminary Cultural Analysis1961Anthropological LinguisticsAnthropology, Linguistics
Felger, Richard S. and Mary B. MoserSeri Use of Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa var torreyana)1971KivaAnthropology
Olson, DonaldThe Earthquake in Ocotlán: Three Texts in Zapotec1970TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Hoogshagen, SearleLa creación del sol y la luna según los mixes de Coatlán, Oaxaca1971TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Merrifield, William RMeso-American Indian Cultures1974Anthropology
Grimes, Joseph EHuichol Life Form Classification I: Animals1980Anthropological LinguisticsAnthropology, Linguistics
Gudschinsky, Sarah CNative Reactions to Tones and Words in Mazatec1958WordLiteracy and Education
Longacre, Robert ESome Trique grammatico-lexical characteristics: A world view?1991Philosophy of History and CultureSociolinguistics
Baer, Phillip and Mary BaerNotes on Lacandón Marriage1949Southwestern Journal of AnthropologyAnthropology
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Pittman, Richard SLa historia de Pedro Sa-kinemilea1945TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Hoogshagen, Searle and William R. MerrifieldCoatlán Mixe Kinship1961Southwestern Journal of AnthropologyAnthropology
Wonderly, William LTextos en zoque sobre el concepto del nagual1946TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics