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Pike, Kenneth LProfessor Charles C. Fries1968Language LearningLanguage and Culture Learning
Cowan, George MAn experiment with a wire recorder in teaching general phonetics1950Language LearningLinguistics
Townsend, Elaine MAccelerating literacy by piecemeal digestion of the alphabet1948Language LearningAnthropology
Gudschinsky, Sarah CSolving the Mazateco Reading Problem1951Language LearningLiteracy and Education
Beekman, JohnThe use of preprimer syllable charts in Chol literacy work1950Language LearningLiteracy and Education
Pike, Eunice VLanguage learning in relation to focus1969Language LearningLanguage and Culture Learning, Translation
Robbins, Frank EA ten day program of preparation for language learning1960Language LearningLanguage and Culture Learning