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AutorTítuloAñoRevistas y SeriesTema general
Watters, James KFrames and the semantics of applicatives in Tepehua1996Cognitive Linguistics ResearchLinguistics
Watters, James KStudies of the Tepehua verb: a functional approach1985Linguistics
Watters, James KThe Interpretation of Deverbal Nouns in Tepehua1996Linguistics
Watters, James K.Transitivity, constructions, and the projection of argument structure in RRG2013Studies in Language Companion SeriesLinguistics
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Watters, James K.Language loss and language adaptation: contact-induced change in two Tepehua languages2007Linguistics
Rivera G., Silvano; Rivera López, SantiagoTepehua de Tlachichilco: Accidente en el campo y Cuento de la tuzaLinguistics
Watters, James KTopics in Tepehua grammar1988Linguistics
Watters, James KNotas sobre el aspecto en tepehua1984SIL Mexico WorkpapersLinguistics
Watters, James KAspects of Tlachichilco Tepehua (Totonacan) Phonology1980SIL Mexico WorkpapersLinguistics
Watters, James KReview of: a natural history of negation, by Laurence R. Horn1992Notes on LinguisticsLinguistics
Watters, James K.Tepehua verb morphology, operator scope, and the encoding of arguments2009Linguistics
Watters, James K.Verb-verb compounds and argument structure in Tepehua2017Linguistics