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Pike, Kenneth L. and Eunice V. PikeImmediate Constituents of Mazateco Syllables1947International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VHuautla de Jiménez Mazatec1967Linguistics
Pike, Eunice VTexts on Mazatec Food Witchcraft1949México AntiguoAnthropology, Linguistics
Pike, Eunice VUna nueva industria mazateca1937Boletín IndigenistaAnthropology
Pike, Eunice V. and Thomas IbachThe Phonology of the Mixtepec Dialect of Mixtec1978Linguistics
Pike, Eunice VKen Pike: Scholar and Christian1981Linguistics
Pike, Eunice VTonemic-Intonemic Correlation in Mazahua (Otomi)1951International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VHistorical sketch1977Management, General
Pike, Eunice V. and Kent WistrandStep-up Terrace Tone in Acatlán Mixtec1974North-Holland Linguistic SeriesLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VWord stress and sentence stress in various tone languages1979Linguistics
Larsen, Raymond S. and Eunice V. PikeHuasteco Intonation and Phonemes1949LanguageLinguistics
Pike, Eunice V. and John CowanHuajuapan Mixtec Phonology and Morphophonemics1967Anthropological LinguisticsLinguistics
Pike, Kenneth L. and Eunice V. PikeLive issues in descriptive linguistics1955Linguistics
Pike, Eunice V. and Priscilla C. SmallDownstepping Terrace Tone in Coatzospan Mixtec1974North-Holland Linguistic SeriesLinguistics
Williams, Ann F. and Eunice V. PikeThe phonology of Western Popoloca1968LinguaLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VThe intonation of American English simplified1985WordLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VSome environments which may condition vowel length1989Linguistics
Pike, Eunice V. and Joy OramStress and Tone in the Phonology of Diuxi Mixtec1976PhoneticaLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VPhonetic Rank and Subordination in Consonant Patterning and Historical Change1954Miscellanea PhoneticaLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VCriteria and procedures for determining word division1981Notes on LinguisticsLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VAnalysis of tone systems1992Notes on LinguisticsLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VLanguage learning in relation to focus1969Language LearningLanguage and Culture Learning, Translation
Pike, Eunice VEl aprendizaje de un idioma relacionado al enfoque1980Language and Culture Learning
Pike, Eunice VHead-Washing and Other Elements in the Mazateco Marriage Ceremony1948América IndígenaAnthropology
Pike, Eunice VSome universals of tone and allotones1984Southwest Journal of LinguisticsLinguistics
Pankratz, Leo and Eunice V. PikePhonology and Morphotonemics of Ayutla Mixtec1967International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VPhonology1976Trends in LinguisticsLinguistics
Blight, Richard C. and Eunice V. PikeThe Phonology of Tenango Otomi1976International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VProblems in Zapotec Tone Analysis1948International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Hunter, Georgia and Eunice V. PikeThe Phonology and Tone Sandhi of Molinos Mixtec1969LinguisticsLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VA description of various tone systems1992Linguistics
Schram, Judith L. and Eunice V. PikeVowel Fusion in Mazatec of Jalapa de Diaz1978International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VMazateco Fonetics1937Investigaciones LingüísticasLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VAn articulatory method for determining the nuclei of etic syllables1984WordLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VSome linguistic concepts as applied to the writing of technical articles1979Academic Training
Pike, Eunice VTonally Differentiated Allomorphs in Soyaltepec Mazatec1956International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Kalstrom, Marjorie R. and Eunice V. PikeStress in the Phonological System of Eastern Popoloca1968PhoneticaLinguistics
Pike, Eunice VLearning from small books1981Notes on LiteracyLiteracy and Education
Pike, Eunice V.Tone Systems of Mexico1973Linguistics
Vocabulario mazateco1957Linguistics
Pike, Eunice VWilliam Cameron Townsend1961Linguistics, Translation
Pike, Eunice V.Language Borrowing1960Linguistics
Cowan, Florence H.; Pike, Eunice V.Mazateco Form Classes1943Linguistics
Mazateco Numerical System and Measures1942Linguistics
Pike, Eunice V.The Position of the Subject in Mazateco Syntax1948Linguistics