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AutorTítuloAñoRevistas y SeriesTema general
Merrifield, William RThe Souls Really Do Come Back: A Chinantec Proof Text for All Saints Day1970TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Merrifield, William RSierra Popoluca Kinship1963American AnthropologistAnthropology
Hoogshagen, Searle and William R. MerrifieldCoatlán Mixe Kinship1961Southwestern Journal of AnthropologyAnthropology
Waterhouse, Viola G. and William R. MerrifieldCoastal Chontal of Oaxaca Kinship1968EthnologyAnthropology
Baer, Phillip and William R. MerrifieldReport on lacandone research1969América IndígenaAnthropology
Merrifield, William RChinantec Kinship in Palantla, Oaxaca, Mexico1959American AnthropologistAnthropology
Kuiper, Albertha and William R. MerrifieldDiuxi Mixtec Verbs of Motion and Arrival1975International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Merrifield, William R. and Alfred E. AndersonIssues in Chinantec Bilingual Lexicography1995Linguistics
Merrifield, William RReview of: The linguistic theory of numerals, by James R. Hurford1977LanguageLinguistics
Merrifield, William RPalantla Chinantec Syllable Types1963Anthropological LinguisticsLinguistics
Merrifield, William RNumber Names in Four Languages of Mexico1968Linguistics
Cowan, Marion M. and William R. MerrifieldThe Verb Phrase in Huixtec Tzotzil1968LanguageLinguistics
Merrifield, William RReview of: Field linguistics: a guide to linguistic field work, by William J. Samarin1968International Journal of American LinguisticsAcademic Training
Merrifield, William R. and Calvin R. Rensch, editorsSyllables, tone, and verb paradigms: Studies in Chinantec languages 41990SIL International Publications in LinguisticsLinguistics
Westley, David O. and William R. MerrifieldMoving and arriving in the Chinantla1990SIL International Publications in LinguisticsLinguistics
Merrifield, William RConcerning Otomanguean verbs of motion1992SIL International Publications in LinguisticsLinguistics
Baer, Phillip and William R. MerrifieldTwo studies on the Lacandones of Mexico1971SIL International Publications in LinguisticsAnthropology
Merrifield, William R., editorStudies in Otomanguean phonology1977SIL International Publications in LinguisticsLinguistics
Merrifield, William RPalantla Chinantec grammar1965Linguistics
Merrifield, William RWhen the Sun Rose for the First Time: A Chinantec Creation Myth1967TlalocanAnthropology, Linguistics
Merrifield, William R., editorManual de morfosintaxis1973Academic Training
Merrifield, William RPalantla Chinantec Grammar1968Serie Científica (Museo Nacional de Antropología)Linguistics
Hills, Robert A. and William R. MerrifieldAyutla Mixtec, Just in Case1974International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Merrifield, William R. and Betty StoudtMolinos Mixtec Clause Structure1967LinguisticsLinguistics
Baer, Phillip and William R. MerrifieldRestatement of the Pronominal Series in Maya (Lacandon)1967International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Kuiper, Albertha and William R. MerrifieldVerbos de movimiento en el mixteco de Diuxi1973Linguistics
Merrifield, William RLinguistic Clues for the Reconstruction of Chinantec Prehistory1966Linguistics
Merrifield, William RProgress in Chinantec Language Studies1995Colección Biblioteca Abya-YalaLibrary/Museum/Archiving, Linguistics
Merrifield, William RReview of: Inflectional morphology: a theoretical study based on aspects of Latin verb conjugation, by P. H. Matthews1974Journal of LinguisticsLinguistics
Merrifield, William ROn the form of rules in a generative grammar1967Monograph Series on Languages and LinguisticsLinguistics
Seis canciones en la palantla de Chinanteca1958Linguistics
Chinantec Animal Traits Tales1990Linguistics
Six Chinantec Songs1990Linguistics
67 Papantla Chinantec Texts, part one2003Linguistics
67 Papantla Chinantec Texts, part two2003Linguistics
67 Papantla Chinantec Texts, part three2003Linguistics
Chinantec Local History Tales1990Linguistics
Palantla Social Organization1960Anthropology
Baer, Phillip; Merrifield, William R.Los lacandones de México: Dos estudios1972Serie de Antropología SocialAnthropology
A Grammar of Tlatepuzco Chinantec2008Linguistics
Diccionario chinanteco de la diáspora del pueblo antiguo de San Pedro Tlatepuzco, Oaxaca2007Serie de vocabularios y diccionarios indígenas "Mariano Silva y Aceves"Linguistics
Anderson, Alfred E.; Merrifield, William R.Chinantec Project of the language of the scattered peoples of Ancient San Pedro Tlatepuzco, Oaxaca, Mexico2000Linguistics
Palantla Chinantec Scheduling1960Anthropology
Palantla Political Organization1960Anthropology
Chinantec Hero Tales1990Linguistics
Chinantec Orígin Tales1990Linguistics
Gardner, Richard and William R. MerrifieldQuiotepec Chinantec tone1990SIL International Publications in LinguisticsLinguistics
Merrifield, William RPalantla Chinantec syllable types1963Linguistics
Merrifield, William RClassification of Kiowa nouns1959International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Merrifield, William RThe Kiowa verb prefix1959International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics