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AutorTítuloAñoRevistas y SeriesTema general
Longacre, Robert ESome Trique grammatico-lexical characteristics: a world view?1991Philosophy of History and CultureAnthropology
Longacre, Robert E.Chicahuaxtla Trique Kinship Terms1981Publications in EthnographyAnthropology
Good, Claude, compilerDiccionario triqui de Chicahuaxtla: Triqui-castellano, castellano-triqui1978Serie de vocabularios y diccionarios indígenas "Mariano Silva y Aceves"Linguistics
Hollenbach, Barbara EPhonetic vs. phonemic correspondence in two Trique dialects1977SIL International Publications in LinguisticsLinguistics
Longacre, Robert EAn experiment in testing the reading of Trique without indication of tone1970Notes on LiteracyLinguistics, Literacy and Education
Gaꞌue³ Ga⁴ya³ reꞌ⁵1970
Daj⁴ Dugumiꞌ² Nne³⁵ Cuꞌ²1969
Los tonos del trique en el dialecto de San Andrés Chicahuaxtla1968
Longacre, Robert ETrique Clause and Sentence: A Study in Contrast, Variation, and Distribution1966International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
Longacre, Robert EThe Plumed Serpent Rescues a Man1966TlalocanLinguistics
Longacre, Robert E. and René MillonProto-Mixtecan and Proto-Amuzgo-Mixtecan Vocabularies: A Preliminary Cultural Analysis1961Anthropological LinguisticsAnthropology, Linguistics
Longacre, Robert ETrique Tone Morphemics1959Anthropological LinguisticsLinguistics
Longacre, Robert EProto-Mixtecan1957Indiana University Research Center in Anthropology, Folklore and Linguistics MemoirLinguistics
The Comparison of Pause Boundaries with Grammatical Boundaries in Trique1956Linguistics
The Syntactic Analysis of a Trique Text1956Linguistics
Longacre, Robert ERejoinder to Hamp's 'Componential Restatement of Syllable Structure in Trique'1955International Journal of American LinguisticsLinguistics
2 Trique Texts trs1954Linguistics
Trique Texts and Language Learning Drills.1954Language and Culture Learning, Linguistics
Longacre, Robert EFive Phonemic Pitch Levels in Trique1952Acta LinguisticaLinguistics
Si-gwe̱ndu̱ xuchē li1952
Cartilla II: trique -- español1952
Cartilla III: trique -- español1952
Three Trique Texts1950Linguistics
Trique Problem Series1950Language and Culture Learning, Linguistics
Cartilla I: trique -- español1949
Alfabeto trique1947
Notes on the Material Culture of the Triques1947Anthropology
Trique Numerals and Their Use in Sequences1947Linguistics
The Trique Tribe1943Anthropology
Monolingual Trique Texts, II1940Linguistics
Trique Phrase List1900Linguistics
Seventeen Monolingual Trique Texts1900Linguistics
Trique Text: The Death of Christ1900Linguistics
Trique Language Lessons1900Language and Culture Learning
Monolingual Trique Texts, I1900Linguistics