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AutorTítuloAñoRevistas y SeriesTema general
Hitchner, RuthNotas sobre la alimentación e idumentaria de los indios chol de Chiapas, México1947Boletín IndigenistaAnthropology
Aulie, Evelyn WChol dictionary1949Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on Middle American Cultural AnthropologyLinguistics
Hitchner, RuthChol texts1949Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on Cultural AnthropologyLinguistics
Beekman, JohnThe use of preprimer syllable charts in Chol literacy work1950Language LearningLiteracy and Education
Aulie, Evelyn W. and H. Wilbur AulieTérminos de parentesco en chol1953Memoria del Congreso Científico MexicanoAnthropology
Beekman, JohnThe effect of education in an Indian village1956Literacy and Education
Anderson, ArabelleTwo Chol Texts1957TlalocanLinguistics
Aulie, H. WilburNombres de lugares en chol (maya)1961Linguistics
Merrifield, William RNumber Names in Four Languages of Mexico1968Linguistics
Hoopert, Daniel A. and Viola M. WarkentinTila Chol ‘come’ and ‘go’ and ‘arrive’1977Notes on LinguisticsLinguistics
Aulie, H. Wilbur and Evelyn W. AulieSketch of Chol grammar1979Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on Cultural AnthropologyLinguistics
Aulie, H. WilburThe Christian movement among the Chols of Mexico, with special reference to problems of second generation Christianity1979Anthropology